Monday, 7 November 2011

Proverbially Yours//Message & Delivery: development

Having sorted out the basic layout of the mail shot, I sketched out a rough plan of the images that would be presented on each section. I drew out two different ideas to bring to my crit on friday, using the same layout, but decided pretty quickly afterwards that the tuna images (below, left) would be more interesting as it had more depth being the original concept that I came up with initially.

Used Illustrator to produce some ideas and designs and started off with one of the most obvious symbols for a marine biologist, the sea. Having been inspired by the simplicity of the waves used for the fishing score card (on design context blog) and how only that pattern portrayed its message perfectly, I thought it would be a good place to start. This image would also be repeated throughout the three images and is therefore key in setting up the composition. 

I drew up a tuna fish by tracing a found image on Illustrator, which at first was fairly detailed (considering it would be pretty small in proportion to the whole image and also repeated to form a shoal of tuna) and so I had to keep re-working it in order to simplify the image to a basic tuna shape. In order to link these images and this style to the previous poster brief, I used the same grey for both and tried to keep the drawing style as similar as possible to the three posters by using a thick white outline around all the shapes drawn to create the tuna (a technique used previously). 

With the key symbols and images in place, I was able to start fitting it altogether, using my sketches as a guide, and create the layout for my three images, altering aspects of each one accordingly. The intention was that the three successive images along with my proverb (opportunity seldom knocks twice) gave little need for any other text, and should be fairly self-explanatory, showing that unless we don't start doing something to prevent the over-fishing of bluefin tuna, there won't be any left. Here are the results:

Originally, I wanted to print my mail shot double sided, so that the other side could consist purely of text,  possibly statistic, shocking facts etc. But due to all 1st, 2nd and 3rd year graphic design students all having deadlines on the same day, the printing room was fully booked and I wasn't able to get a slot for  double-sided print. Instead, I adjusted the design so that single sided print would work and included text on the front. If I had more time however, I would experiment with text layout overleaf to add more depth to the images.

Mailing List:
During my crit, I was able to get some useful feedback from my peers in order to decide who I should send the other four mail shots out to. The whole point to my mail shot was to raise awareness about endangered tuna, mainly because not many people seem to realise or even having any inkling that tuna are in fact on their way to becoming wiped out. We discussed different groups of people who would contribute more to this problem, people such as pescatarians, fishmongers, fish counters at supermarkets and fish restaurants. If they were more aware of the seriousness of the over-fishing of tuna, then they could help to make a difference by replacing tuna with an alternative to help make that little bit of difference. 

Final Design to be Printed:

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