Sunday, 4 March 2012

Communication is a Virus//Design Ideas

'get people to try something new'

the Problem
how can students in Leeds be encouraged to listen to and experience new music, different to their usual choice of genre?

- to encourage people to branch out from music genres they know and love and experience the diverse music scene in Leeds as a student

- to help promote some of the different music nights/gigs etc. that go on in Leeds

students in Leeds

Method of Delivery
- x5 different cd designs (five different genres of music), 5 copies of each cd; 25 cd's in total to be circulated
- each cd will have five tracks on by different artists (relevant to selected genre) that are playing upcoming gigs in Leeds
- the cd will be packaged with details about a Twitter page that allows for us to collect feedback and respond to people about music in Leeds as well as allowing us to measure our success
- we will also produce a poster to help promote the campaign around college

- student union, library, graphic design studio, around college etc.

Name & Logo

Josh and I spent some time on Illustrator testing out different logo designs and company name ideas using the image of a record as a starting point
it took a lot of adjusting and experimenting in order to get with a set of logos we were both happy with
we will then show the design ideas to the group and make a decision on how we market ourselves 

at first, we liked the name 'fresh.' just because it's succinct and to the point, communicates the idea of something new/different

the idea of the logo is that the arrows in the record represent the concept of music of different genres getting passed around and listened to by different people

'change your tune' was a slogan idea we tried out to accompany the branding package

this was the artboard used on Illustrator with all our ideas and designs as they developed

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