Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Speaking from Experience//concept statement

What problem have you identified?
how to eat healthily and cheap at the same time as a student at LCA

Why is it a problem?
1. food is expensive and students have to budget (food isn't always a priority)
2. students are not necessarily used to cooking for themselves
3. it's easy to live off junk food all the time but very unhealthy
4. hard to eat healthy and cheap
5. eating badly makes it harder to concentrate and get work done at college, more food will increase productivity and as a graphic designer this is very useful, the course is demanding

What do you intend to do about it?
1. information cards, "5 solutions" e.g. buy fruit and veg at Kirkgate market, reduced section at Morrisons
2. recipe cards and a student friendly cooking guide
3. recipe book, ring-binder, where students can add own recipes
4. food blog for students, forum? swapping recipes
5. food packaging labels with recipe suggestions for students

What do you hope to achieve by doing this?
help students or encourage them to eat healthily and cheaply through simple, nutritious recipes and menus and suggestions on how to eat well on a tight budget

What do you already know about the problem?
1. fruit and veg is relatively expensive in supermarkets
2. quite a few students don't know how to cook when they leave home
3. food, especially fresh food, will expire and could get wasted if not used up in time
4. cooking can potentially take up a lot of time, time that students would rather use doing other things
5. generally speaking, students are not that healthy

What do you need to find out about the problem?
1. existing student-orientated sites, blogs, cook-books- what are they lacking?
2. percentage of students who leave home not knowing how to cook properly
3. good, easy and cheap recipes for students
4. what students eat, popular food choices, meals
5. how healthy/poor are students?

5 things about audience- first year LCA students
- students live on a budget
- most have only just moved away from home
- new experiences, looking after themselves
- busy social lives and uni
- students more likely to prioritise going out over buying food

I intend to instruct a group of first year students on the graphic design course at LCA how to eat healthily and at low cost 

In order to achieve this I will produce a free first issue zine educating and informing my target audience how to cook, shop and eat healthy food appropriate for a typical week as a first year on the course
(along with any additional information on where to shop, de-frosting meat, student superfoods etc.)

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