Friday, 30 September 2011

Alphabet Soup//Visual Thinking: 10 final letterforms

Alphabet Soup//Visual Thinking: inital ideas

I used templates of letterforms, starting off with Helvetica then progressing onto different fonts, letters and exploring the differences between uppercase and lowercase to help me generate as many ideas as possible before working on the final 10 letterforms.

I started off with the letter A because I felt quite comfortable experimenting with a symmetrical letter and this aspect I actually found quite useful when testing out block shapes, straight lines and patterns. I also looked at using the negative space, filling out only two out of three lines of the letter so that the A was still distinguishable. 

The letter I decided to use for my final pieces was G and I swiftly moved onto sketching out ideas onto templates and these are the results:

Triangles and stripes were particularly interesting to incorporate into an uppercase G and I was able to use these shapes so that the essential curves and key angles of the letterform were still there, with the extraction of the rest of the letter.

I continued using shapes at this point but also with some of the more angular lines that I experimented with, I used the corners and points of the G to create the pattern consistently. With the very last lowercase g in the image below, I took the word extraction literally, and simply extracted three small lines where all the components of the g fit together.

I also drew out the first half of the alphabet with letterforms communicating the word 'extract' to extend my ideas and experiment with alternative solutions.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Final Presentation: Images

Steph put together the final presentation with all the images, screen shots and icons
This is nathan's iPhone image that he created on illustrator to use as a template for displaying the app design for the final presentation:

he then went on to incorporate screenshots of what the app would actually look like on the screen:

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Diary Layouts: Experimentation

From my own research on different layouts of weekly diaries, I played around with different layouts, colour and backgrounds, and came up with three different designs. The group will then have a choice in the final design depending on which aspects they like from these ideas.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

How to Balance Social Life and College Life: IDEAS

Deriven from the four inital solutions, we decided to design an app in the form of a calendar which students can easily access using their iphones or blackberrys. The app would allow different icons to flash on the screen, reminding the user of certain things they need to get done in order to stay organised and maintain a healthy work life/social life balance. 

As a group we started looking into what research would need to be done in order to produce a final result:

- different calendar formats/layouts 
- existing phone icons/symbols
- current apps that link in with the same 'calendar' idea
- the college timetable
- interview housemates, proposing the idea and noting the response
- voice recordings

We also started compiling a list of various icon designs we would need and what would be relevant to our audience:


drinking/pub/flat party/club/cig break/coffee/seeing boyfriend or girlfriend/pre-drinking/relaxing


lecture/workshop/deadline/brief/'fred mode'/induction/study time/library


washing clothes/cleaning/paying bills/

How to Balance Social Life and College Life

We started a group project and discussed 50 problems that students may encounter in Leeds and eventually came to form our own brief, choosing to communicate 'how to balance social life and college life'.

We initally came up with these ideas through brainstorming:

- powernaps
- caffeine
- keeping a diary
- do a bit of work every day
- only going for decent nights out, not for the sake of it
- weekly planner
- only going out on certain nights of the week e.g. when theres no college the next day...

We then went on to collate aspects of these ideas and come up with four possible solutions:

1. designing a calendar specifically suited and designed for students

2. alcohol vs caffeine; branding one of each drink and typographically displaying social vs work balance

3. alarm/notification system on a phone or computer. in the form of an app, with symbols and icons for different things

4. voice recording reminders

Monday, 19 September 2011

10 Common Themes Within the Group

1. music was a shared interest amongst the group and incorporated in their alphabet

2. all alphabets included likes/interests/hobbies

3. produced our own fonts, instead of using templates

4. computer based

5. food was another common theme in each alphabet

6. the majority were colourful as opposed to black and white

7. produced digitally

8. consistent (in either ideas or technique)

9. each individuals personality came through in their alphabet

10. the research that went into each project came through in the final result

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Summer Brief

An alphabet to visually communicate myself as an individual.

My love for pick'n'mix