Friday, 30 September 2011

Alphabet Soup//Visual Thinking: inital ideas

I used templates of letterforms, starting off with Helvetica then progressing onto different fonts, letters and exploring the differences between uppercase and lowercase to help me generate as many ideas as possible before working on the final 10 letterforms.

I started off with the letter A because I felt quite comfortable experimenting with a symmetrical letter and this aspect I actually found quite useful when testing out block shapes, straight lines and patterns. I also looked at using the negative space, filling out only two out of three lines of the letter so that the A was still distinguishable. 

The letter I decided to use for my final pieces was G and I swiftly moved onto sketching out ideas onto templates and these are the results:

Triangles and stripes were particularly interesting to incorporate into an uppercase G and I was able to use these shapes so that the essential curves and key angles of the letterform were still there, with the extraction of the rest of the letter.

I continued using shapes at this point but also with some of the more angular lines that I experimented with, I used the corners and points of the G to create the pattern consistently. With the very last lowercase g in the image below, I took the word extraction literally, and simply extracted three small lines where all the components of the g fit together.

I also drew out the first half of the alphabet with letterforms communicating the word 'extract' to extend my ideas and experiment with alternative solutions.

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