Tuesday, 20 September 2011

How to Balance Social Life and College Life

We started a group project and discussed 50 problems that students may encounter in Leeds and eventually came to form our own brief, choosing to communicate 'how to balance social life and college life'.

We initally came up with these ideas through brainstorming:

- powernaps
- caffeine
- keeping a diary
- do a bit of work every day
- only going for decent nights out, not for the sake of it
- weekly planner
- only going out on certain nights of the week e.g. when theres no college the next day...

We then went on to collate aspects of these ideas and come up with four possible solutions:

1. designing a calendar specifically suited and designed for students

2. alcohol vs caffeine; branding one of each drink and typographically displaying social vs work balance

3. alarm/notification system on a phone or computer. in the form of an app, with symbols and icons for different things

4. voice recording reminders

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