Tuesday, 20 September 2011

How to Balance Social Life and College Life: IDEAS

Deriven from the four inital solutions, we decided to design an app in the form of a calendar which students can easily access using their iphones or blackberrys. The app would allow different icons to flash on the screen, reminding the user of certain things they need to get done in order to stay organised and maintain a healthy work life/social life balance. 

As a group we started looking into what research would need to be done in order to produce a final result:

- different calendar formats/layouts 
- existing phone icons/symbols
- current apps that link in with the same 'calendar' idea
- the college timetable
- interview housemates, proposing the idea and noting the response
- voice recordings

We also started compiling a list of various icon designs we would need and what would be relevant to our audience:


drinking/pub/flat party/club/cig break/coffee/seeing boyfriend or girlfriend/pre-drinking/relaxing


lecture/workshop/deadline/brief/'fred mode'/induction/study time/library


washing clothes/cleaning/paying bills/

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