Friday, 7 October 2011

Alphabet Soup//Typeface: crit notes

We had a group crit this morning to see how far other people had developed their work so far for this brief and also for peer and tutor feedback to see where our ideas can lead and how the finished work will look.

Here are some of the key points and issues raised concerning my own work:

- a few people in the group preferred the arrows idea (for over-thinking) and thought that it would be a good route to develop whereas the majority were more partial to the rings idea, particularly the sketches I had done using the jewelled ring.
- came to the conclusion that the ring idea was the best route to take, primarily because it's more feminine and says more about my partner, in a clearer and more obvious way.
- when progressing this idea, some of my peers suggested having the ring in the same position consistently instead of rotating it round so that when the font is used for my partners name label, the design will remain coherent and systematic.
- it was also suggested to me that the typeface used in the font would need work and I should think about  a thicker line to contrast against the ring (ring should be more understated, more focus on the font instead)

Next Steps:

-  create a design for the ring
- using this template, experiment with different, existing fonts and analyse positive and negative points to determine the best font to base my typeface on
- experiment with typeface idea used to create the name badge of my partner

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