Monday, 17 October 2011

Alphabet Soup//Typeface: final crit

On Friday 14th, I presented my final typeface with my partner to the group and gained constructive feedback from both tutors, peers and my partner Beth, who was able to comment on whether the typeface I'd designed based on her personality was appropriate.

The general consensus was that the overall alphabet was legible and communicated one idea very clearly which was that Beth's ring was her most treasured possession, or at least held some importance or significance to her in her life. 
However, my partner criticised that the typeface and choice of font was quite girly and elegant and they would not have been the best of adjectives to describe her personality. With hindsight, I was probably a little too focused on just communicating one idea across and should've thought about other aspects of her character to incorporate into the style of font and also taken more time to decide on whether uppercase or lowercase is more appropriate. 

The typeface that Beth designed for me I thought was a very interesting combination of ideas that I myself, would not have thought about. She focused on contrasting my hometown, London, with my dreams of living in the trees and communicating with nature (which was discussed a the initial interview) by contrasting a very solid block typeface with a floral/leaf detailed pattern. If it were me, I probably would not have used London, as an aspect to incorporate into a typeface purely because where I live is not that important to me in defining me as a person. Instead the things that matter to me the most, the things that make me an individual and the influences around me would have been more important as the main focus of ideas. 

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