Sunday, 9 October 2011

Alphabet Soup//Typeface: initial ideas

After having researched some ideas, I started to draw up some of my own using existing typefaces as a guide. These first two images are potential ideas for portraying 'over-thinking' in a font and I tested out 6 different interpretations of this using the previous research to help me. Out of the 6, the arrow designs seem to be the most effective and fairly simple to keep consistent within the full alphabet.

I moved on from rough thumbnail sketches onto graph paper where I could be neater and more precise and drew out more developed ideas and designs derived from the the previous, more successful initial ideas.

I moved on from 'over-thinking' to incorporating 'rings' into my ideas (during the interview with my partner she said that her ring was her most treasured possession) and continued to use graph paper to keep my drawings neat. During a crit on friday, I came to the conclusion that the diamond ring design was the most effective, but needed a lot more work so I went on to develop the idea digitally.

Statement: the typeface will be feminine, delicate and will incorporate a simple diamond ring illustration into each letter, acting as the frame for the individual letterform. 

Using adobe illustrator, I drew up the ring design, experimenting with different ring and line thicknesses as well as altering the size of the diamond to see what worked best.

Using the different versions of the image, I then included different existing fonts to see what would be the best to base my own typeface on. I mostly looked at italicised, serif fonts because they seemed more feminine and worked well with the ring theme. The sans serif font (thonburi) definitely didn't work out, out of all the fonts I tested out, the first column, with the typeface apple chancery, was the most effective. 

Once I had made my decision on the most appropriate ring design and type of font, I drew up the whole alphabet to get a feel for what the final piece would look like. 

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