Thursday, 20 October 2011

Proverbially Yours//Message & Interpretation

Initial Ideas
These are some roughly drawn out ideas that I started off with, to get an feel for what would work and had potential to branch out into a developed design.

Development Work
Moving on from drawing, I started experimenting with a few different ideas using Illustrator to get an idea, for potentially, what the final posters could be based on, the layout and the communication of the idea spread over three individual posters. I started off with my original idea of having a front door with opportunity literally on the doorstep.

Once the front door design was drawn up, I was then quite free to play around and experiment with an idea for either an alternative poster or the second in the series, communicating the saying 'when opportunity knocks, answer the door'.

This second idea was taken from my research, and I started to design ideas for posters using the saying 'up shit creek without a paddle', taking a more humorous approach instead. I want to communicate how even in dire situations, a surprising opportunity could come around, here for example, would be shown in the third poster full of paddles. I also started looking at what colours I would use, grey seemed to work pretty well in portraying a problematic situation. However, the posters will have an optimistic resolution so for my second colour I will probably use an emerald green, a colour symbolising positivity, wealth and luck, very relevant to this idea and also a contrast with grey. 

One of the posters had to be text only, so I started looking into ways of manipulating the words in my proverb and including subtle hints and symbols into negative spaces and replacing letters. For the word 'seldom', I tried using a paddle (referring to 'up shit creek without a paddle') to replace the letter d, but it looked out of place and didn't read too well so I changed it to the letter l and found that it blended in much better. 

Similarly with the word 'knocks' I used the negative space in the letter o to create a keyhole, referencing to the 'knocking opportunities' that shouldn't be wasted.

I put the text together using the colour scheme of grey and green, and sticking to the the three fonts rule, used the same typefaces from the road sign which also helped to bring the posters together as a set.

Having spent way too long trying to alter the perspective of of the road going off into the distance on the first poster, I tested out elongating the shape to spread over all three posters instead and found it to be a rather straightforward solution that not only looked more effective but gave the series of posters a strong sense of unity.

 The third and final poster was to be solely image and also the resolved piece of the set. I used Illustrator to draw up the image of the log cabin on the roadside and then altered the colours to fit the colour scheme. I wanted to continue using the colours as symbols and so the green elements of the image are the positive aspects. The door representing the opportunity and the green paddles to get 'up shit creek' with.

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