Monday, 17 October 2011

The Anatomy of Type: Type Family

The four letterforms below have been constructed out of different typefaces and the upper and lower case version of that particular letter. They have been hand-rendered and given their own technical name appropriate to its style. 

                    Risky Modification Ultrabold Block                       Unplaced Sublimation Regular

                         Tomfoolery Ultrabold Extended                             Intrepid Socialist Bold

These are different versions of a lowercase t that I created and each member of the font family has again been re-produced by hand and given it own individual title.

Desensitised Pothook Light

Desensitised Pothook Light Italic

Desensitised Pothook Regular

Desensitised Pothook Regular Italic

Desensitised Pothook Bold

Desensitised Pothook Bold Italic

Desensitised Pothook Ultrabold Condensed

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