Friday, 4 November 2011

Proverbially Yours//Message & Delivery: Crit Notes

Issues Raised:

1) How can I produce a more simple envelope format that doesn't involve triangles and doesn't look messy when folded?

2) How can I make the envelope more interesting? Is there anything I could add to link it to the brief/theme?

3) Which set of images should I used? (the whales or tuna series?)

4) Should I print double-sided? If so, what's the best way to do it?

5) Who's my audience? Who do I send the 4 other mail shots to?

Action To Be Taken:

1) Continue drawing and testing alternative nets with paper to produce samples and research online and in books for further ideas

2) Test out wave cut-outs on net/envelope samples

3) Decide on most communicative set of images, ask peers opinions also

4) Talk to James in the digital dungeon for help on double sided printing

5) Research potential people (groups of people) to send out mail shot e.g. pescatarians, fishmongers, fish counters in supermarkets etc.

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