Thursday, 3 November 2011

Proverbially Yours//Message & Delivery

brainstorm of ideas:

To trigger some of my ideas, I drew up a series of images that relate to my profession, a marine biologist, which could potentially be used in the mail shot, all intended to be symbols that suggest marine biology as a profession. With the images that I started with, I re-drew them in pictogram form, the simplest possible image that could still be interpreted just as easily. Some were more successful than others, the dolphin and whale images were fairly straight forward to simplify and I think the most effective overall. 

I drew up some nets on Illustrator of possible formats for my mail shot, looking at ways in which I can have the envelope and content as a whole and how it could open out to reveal a developing concept, making it more interactive for the user. My intention would be to have one positive image under the word opportunity, this being the first thing the user sees upon opening the envelope, and then as the card folds out, more is revealed in stages, showing the potential issue of concern in the future.
I went on to testing out the nets with paper to see how the folds worked as a sample using the correct dimensions and measurements. I also tried out a few origami marine animals to  try out an alternative form of paper folding, using an idea more relevant to my specific brief as a marine biologist but decided that the conventional fold-out envelope would be more appropriate in communicating a more serious topic and keeping the layout simple. 

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