Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Proverbially Yours//Message & Delivery: final crit & response

Final Crit Notes:


Main Criticisms from Feedback: 
  • message could be interpreted differently through images, could appear that the mail shot communicates 'if you see a load of fish, catch them in case the opportunity doesn't come again'
  • more information to be given about the problem
  • not much of a link/connection between posters and mail shot
Actions to be for Improvement:
  • include text on reverse of mail shot to inform reader/user of the scale of the problem. statistics, facts etc.
  • re-print proverbially yours posters on same textured stock (off white sugar paper) to create more of a connection between the two briefs

To begin with, I personally wasn't completely happy with the text layout on the front of the mail shot, it didn't seem to stand out enough or fit in with the images. I changed to font to Helvetica and increased the point size on the key words that suggest the importance of the message communicated here.

Using the same style, I began to lay out the text to go on the reverse side of the mail shot, taking information I'd found from my research, consisting of facts and statistics intended to shock and surprise the reader. I also added the blue wave pattern onto the edge of the mail shot to keep the style consistent.

 Final Resolution:
(couldn't be re-printed due to digital print room being fully booked)

I also re-printed the proverbially yours posters onto the same off-white sugar paper stock so that the two briefs had a stronger connection:

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