Sunday, 4 December 2011

How To...//Initial Ideas

Initial group brainstorm on all the different aspects of caring for a guinea pig and the research that would need to be collected:

HOW TO: take care of a guinea pig
AUDIENCE: first-time guinea pig owners (young kids and their parents, young couples)
IDEA: a box that the buyer can transport their guinea pig in, from the pet shop to their home, which displays information on looking after a guinea pig. the box has alternative functions which stops the owner from throwing it away at home.
PURPOSE: to inform and instruct

 My own mind map to explore different ideas and ways of communicating the information on how to care for a pet guinea pig using info-graphics and colour coding etc. The idea that the group came up with was to produce 'guinea-pig packaging' or some sort of box that the guinea pig could be transported in from the pet shop to its new home. The box would display information, in a fun and clear way, on how first-time pet owners can take care of their new guinea pig.

I drew out two of the ideas I'd had, in more detail, to present to my group and take into the crit on Friday. This idea below is a guinea pig run divided into different coloured sections to show the length and order of caring for your guinea pig during the week, each colour representing something like feeding, changing the water, cleaning out the hutch, playtime etc.

This idea was to have an info-graphic on all four sides of the box (or just one side depending) using the outline of a guinea pig and then colour coding each section within it to show the priority/amount of different things an owner needs to do in order to take care of their guinea pig properly.

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