Friday, 27 January 2012

100 Things...//Evaluation, Focus, Develop - key questions in the process of project development


what is the problem?
to make students aware of the benefits of dreams and how they can be interpreted easily

what subject/area of study are you focussing on?
dreams. more specifically; nightmares, interpreting dreams, ancient beliefs, recurring dreams and how dreams have been a source of inspiration

to what depth are you investigating this area/subject? is this sufficient?
I have investigated into all the known aspects of dreams and then narrowed these down to the most interesting aspects and (judging by the results of my survey on dreams) what my audience would be interested to find out also. there needs to be further investigative research in order for it to be a sufficient amount after having re-evaluated what information I am communicating

what is the form of your research to date?
blog form and notes taken in a work journal (plus survey results online)

what visual material do you have to work with?
I originally collected 100 images related to dreams and using all different forms of media, styles and genres. from that I've started to draw up dream catcher images to convert into info graphs

is there an appropriate amount of work for the time you have had to develop it?
probably not quite enough due to this being the longest brief we've had so far and a lot of other work on at uni. 

if there isn't, why is this? how could you improve your work-rate?
poor time management. could keep a diary and write a plan to help divide up the workload

what is your timescale? when is the deadline?
deadline is in two weeks and have a print slot on friday so all the design work needs to be completed by then

what methods are you using to evaluate the progress of your ideas?
regular blog posts on updated research and notes in a journal have helped me keep track of my progress as my ideas develop and change


what are you trying to communicate?
educating and informing people about the benefits of dreaming and how they can be interpreted

what audience have you identified?
students, teenagers, young adults with irregular sleep patterns 

how do you intend to solve this?
creating a series of interactive and informative graphic products (that would appeal to a teenage/young adult audience) such as screen printed pillowcases, posters, book cover sleeves and bookmarks

what further research does this require?
- what are the benefits of keeping a dream journal?
- stats and facts on the importance of sleep for teenagers


have you moved on from your initial starting point? if so how and why?
Initially I had a lot of research on different aspects of dreaming which has now been reduced sufficiently in order to not bombard people with too much information. Judging by the survey, I decided to focus the brief based on what the public are most interested in; interpreting dreams etc.

what processes will you need to use to develop your work?
critical feedback from tutors and peers, testing and trying out different design ideas and blogging the development as I go along

do these processes require workshop access?
yes- screen printing so far

when do you intend to access these workshops?
next week at some point

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