Thursday, 26 January 2012

100 Things...//Problem Analysis- rationale

to produce a series of graphic products to inform teenagers/young adults about the benefits of dreaming and how dreams can be interpreted/meaningful

Who needs to know?
teenagers and young adults (students)

What do they need to know?
- what do dreams mean?
- benefits of dreaming
- benefits of nightmares
- recurring dreams
- the history of dreams/ancient beliefs/other cultures reasons as to why we dream
- how have dreams been beneficial in the past?

Why do they need to know?
teenagers tend to have bad sleeping patterns, be it too much, too little or irregular they need to know why dreaming is beneficial 

What will they respond to?
the products will all be relevant to dreams and sleep, and generally, students love to sleep but are known for bad sleeping patterns, late nights and early morning lectures. the products will involve an interactive approach to interpreting dreams and as well as decorative yet informative posters to put up in student bedrooms etc.

What research is required?
I will need to research further into symbols and meanings in dreams, the benefits of keeping a dream journal and also the importance of dreaming and sleep for teenagers and students

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