Tuesday, 7 February 2012

100 Things...//Book Covers&Bookmarks


I decided to do two of my products as bookmarks mainly because reading is done before bedtime and also they would go well with the two book covers that I will also be producing

For someone who would be reading this before bed, I wanted to include facts that had previously held a good and interested response when presenting them in crits

I spent some time on Illustrator playing around with different faded out backgrounds, using images already used for other products as well as the same colour scheme and selection of typefaces to maintain a consistency amongst all the final products

I used the dream symbol icons to create a sort of pattern on the back of one of the bookmarks, keeping one side for facts and the other side for image


Book Cover Sleeves

design development for two book cover sleeves: 'my dream dictionary' & 'my dream diary'

the dream catcher pattern has been incorporated into the background and the colour theme has remained consistent during the designing of the covers, sticking to a simple design for the front cover and alternating between two key colours for the two covers

experimenting with different typefaces and shapes for the titles

I ended up using two colours overlapping each other for the background image which I think gave off a more dream like portrayal, creating a more confusing, distorted effect

I experimented with using the pillowcase patterns (in the same style as above) for the other book cover sleeve

after having tried out a few different ideas, I laid the best ones out next to each other to see which worked the best then asked my flatmates and my friends for their opinion on what was the most effective

front cover designs:

the book marks and cover sleeves all laid out on Illustrator to see how well and if they go together and are visually consistent
final cover sleeve designs:

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