Monday, 6 February 2012

100 Things...Dreams//Interpret your dreams, icons


design sheets:

using the ideas from my sketches, I drew up the icons on Illustrator keeping them fairly simple yet recognisable in order for the user to be able to easily distinguish the different symbols without text needed

this is the initial layout that I started off with using the pre-drawn icons and keeping to my colour scheme. the blank circles next to the icons will be used for the interpretation of the symbol found in the dream

so that the poster retains visual consistency with my ideas and imagery so far, I added texture, colour and the dreamcatcher pattern in the background to maintain the theme

after a crit last week, it was suggested in my feedback that the poster was too busy and icons didn't stand out enough from the background.  once printed, (at A2 size) I wasn't so happy with the background texture and the colours seemed a bit muddy so I made some alterations before the final print out

the finished design, no colour or background apart from just the inside pattern of the dreamcatcher which is at a low opacity so as not to distract from the key information.
I also decided not to include the meanings/interpretations of the icons on this particular product because after having done further research into interpreting dreams, the poster would look too busy and the text would take over the composition.

A booklet or leaflet would work better in providing a more detailed interpretation of what these symbols mean and so as another one of my ten graphic products, I'll produce a booklet to go with this poster using the icons



out of the ten graphic products, two will be printed patterned pillowcases (relevant products for my theme of dreams)
the patterns are to be made up of of the icons used in the poster above, a way of displaying the things we dream about in a more complex, aesthetic and ambiguous way to reflect the nature of dreaming itself

initial pattern using £ sign

I spent a while on Illustrator trying out different ways of creating patterns out of the images and symbols I already had until I was completely happy with the final outcome

these patterns here seemed too complicated and due to lack of time in this brief, screen printing the designs onto pillowcases wasn't going to be an option
instead, I'm going to use an iron-on transfer to print the pattern onto then iron on the pillowcases
these ideas so far might be too detailed for this method 

I reduced the size of the pattern to created more block shapes but this then made the icons completely unrecognisable

final patterns to be ironed onto two pillowcases to work as a set

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