Tuesday, 7 February 2012

100 Things...//Nightmares

 Postcard: Benefits of Nightmares

using the original dreamcatcher image, I adjusted the gradient on the background and used a rough, grainy texture to create a more sinister effect to communicate the concept of 'nightmares'

from my research, I had found some particularly interesting information and facts on how nightmares are actually beneficial and how this theory dates back to ancient times and beliefs

I tested out different typefaces, colours and pt sizes to create the appropriate communication of this information however found that the text and image together made the overall composition look too busy 

I decided to then produce this as a double sided postcard so that I could layout the text and image with more space around the two so for improved legibility and effective communication 

these are the stickers I also made to go alongside the postcards as an additional aspect of the product and also an engaging form of media for my student/teenage audience

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