Monday, 6 February 2012

100 Things...//Stages of Sleep

Infographic Poster

Originally, I wanted to display the 5 stages of sleep through five dreamcatcher patterns with a percentage of the area filled in, however, this didn't work as planned due to the pattern being too complex and some of the percentage values being too small

I simplified the dreamcatcher image to make the graphs easier to produce and used live trace to fill in all the different sections of each graph accordingly, colour coding each stage of sleep and keeping the percentage values consistent in the process to show how much time we spend (on average) in each of the five stages

the arrows in the middle (constructed out of the the dreamcatcher pattern but filled in shapes) I also changed so that the colours matched each graph and visually, made the design clearer and easier to distinguish between

text was then added, giving additional key information on what the different stages of sleep consist of and how they differ from each other

with appropriate typefaces in place and text/percentage values included, I played around with the background colour/texture to see what made the infographs stand out the best

having a solid colour background made the graphs seems less striking so, in keeping with colour coding, I divided up the page into five coloured sections to make up the background and also to match with the appropriate colour of each sleep stage for a stronger impact 

final finished design

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