Thursday, 23 February 2012

D&AD brief//poster one

I started off making a simple raindrop pattern to fill the page, a pattern to be repeated throughout the three posters to keep it a series

I experimented with a few different ideas on Illustrator using multiple artboards to see which technique and effects have worked best and improving on each as I went along
I played around with heart shapes and tryied to incorporate them into the rain pattern in a subtle way to see if it would be effective

I introduced another colour here to see how it would look overall and adjusted each image accordingly as ideas developed

I want to use a font that suggests romance, something italicised, brushstroke, charming, sexy etc.

final layout & text text; with different colours and outlines to see what overall works the best

the colour scheme here is to bright and wouldn't work too well for the other two posters (all three will use the same colour scheme) 

I went for duller colours here to give a more 'rainy' impression and also included outlines on the raindrops and hearts to include more colours into the poster and define the shapes

I also tried using lighter colours to create more contrast against the silhouette image but the baby pink, baby blue colours don't work with the overall image and doesn't give off a 'romantic' feel

Final Design

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