Thursday, 23 February 2012

D&AD brief//poster two&three

poster two- Development
my initial idea was to have a giant raindrop filling the page and using the negative space around it, create a cosy, homely set of curtains as if surrounding a rainy window

I started off with the basic shapes and tried to make the image communicate raindrop and curtains clearly 

I included some detail into the curtains and adjusted the colours as the design developed

after having asked some of my friends for whether the image actually worked and if both shapes were identifiable, I received some useful feedback suggesting that the curtains could be more defined against the raindrop

I put two different interpretations of the idea on two artboards next to each other and decided that the second image worked better overall and portrayed more of a contrast between a grim rainy day outside and the cosy indoors

Final Design

poster three- Development
using the same colour scheme from the previous two posters and some of the same shapes and images, I found my idea for the final poster to come together more easily and quickly than the other two

I used the same raindrop background but rotated it slightly to create sideways rain and adjusted each word from the text in slant with the lines of raindrops

Final Design

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