Saturday, 25 February 2012

D&AD Rain Brief//Crit Feedback

Issues Raised:

  • instead of 'the north' being referred to, it should be 'Britain'- as stated in the brief
  • think about the audience not just personal views about why rain is good- needs to be more objective
  • 'get cosy up north' poster looks sexual (due to colour scheme, use of shape etc.)
  • there are different concepts between the three posters
  • not informative/convincing enough
  • when printed, the colours on the poster are two similar and make the text difficult to read

Action To Be Taken:
  • change colour scheme so that the colours contrast more
  • adjust colours on 'get cosy up north' poster, remove thick line around the raindrop shape and simplify image
  • include more text and information taken from research about benefits of rain
  • change 'the north' to 'Britain' 

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