Saturday, 28 January 2012

Photoshop Brief//Five Postcards

for this brief, I have to produce five postcards to one colour, edited using Adobe Photoshop

these are the five original photographs (taken in a cable car in Switzerland over the Christmas holidays) in black & white

chosen colour: VIOLET


Five Final Postcards:


With each photo I adjusted the hue so that all five of the photos were violet

With the third postcard here, I adjusted the gradient on the image to create a more contrasting effect

I used the magic wand tool to select aspects of the image and adjust the saturation and contrast for those particular shapes for this photo here

 With one of the photos (that I ended up not including in the final five postcards) I played around with the rectangular marquee tool and then copy and pasting rectangle to create an overlapping pattern

this technique was then later used for two of the final postcards

once the hue and contrast had been adjusted for each of these photos, I had to select 'flatten image' before copy and pasting shapes with the rectangular marquee tool 

adding vertical and horizontal rectangles onto this image here for a bit more variation

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