Thursday, 8 March 2012

Communication is a Virus//Design Development

I started off live tracing some boombox images and placing them against different colours and layouts as testers to see how the final design could look

I then started drawing up a boombox image on Illustrator using mostly, simple shapes to create the design, adding detail gradually to build it up into what I hope to look like a detailed yet geometric boombox image

once the all the little details had been added, I played around with colour and asked for the opinions of my peers for which colours worked best for the image

 cd sleeve nets with tester layouts using 
different variations of the boombox image

as a group, we decided to use a similar layout for the cd sleeves but keep the design style unique to each genre. the idea was to keep one image for the front cover and a pattern or repeated image for the back
these are my pattern experiments for the back cover

Final CD Sleeve Design 

inside the sleeve, there needs to be an insert or flyer with information about the twitter page and the track listing as well

Final Insert Design

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