Saturday, 3 March 2012



points from crit: 
  • instead of 'the north' being referred to, it should be 'Britain'- as stated in the brief
  • think about the audience not just personal views about why rain is good- needs to be more objective
  • there are different concepts between the three posters
  • not convincing enough
  • when printed, the colours on the poster are two similar and make the text difficult to read
The feedback that I received from my crit was quite negative and I found that when trying to alter the poster, I didn't have any good points to build from. I decided just to pick one of the concepts out of the three and try it again, using the same shade of blue and the same image from the original poster ('find romance up north') to maintain some similarities.


- I used two colours in the colour scheme to ensure contrast and readability
- arial black font for a different style (from previous posters) and more legible
- simplified the raindrops to just straight lines
- more of a visual consistency
- didn't put the focus on 'up north' (brief states it refers to rain in BRITAIN)
- simpler, clearer concept


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