Tuesday, 6 March 2012

What is a Line?//Rationale

scaffolding (line) // patterns (like) // publication
what are the benefits of living in an urban environment and a rural environment? 
(compare and contrast)

Who Needs to Know?
people who are looking to move location from either out of the city to a more rural environment or vice versa

What do They Need to Know?
- the appealing aspects of the city
- the appealing aspects of the countryside

What Will They Respond To?
an interactive publication
with removable postcards inside a laser cut cover (to reveal contents and show contrasts)
postcards to have quotes and opinions from people about either why they like the countryside/city

What Research is Required?
primary: survey on urban vs rural, reasons why people like living in these environments
secondary: basic layout/construction of scaffolding, and quotes about the countryside and the city

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