Friday, 27 April 2012

Speaking from Experience//starting point


graphic design at LCA impacts on your social life

why does it need delivering:
- so students know they'll need to be good at managing their time
- people may not initially realise what they're letting themselves in for...
- graphic design is a much more intense subject (big workload) than we as first years realised at the beginning
- so that new students aren't in for a shock
- students expect uni/first year to be a year of no work and lots of partying

ways it could be delivered:
- flyer for a night out
- iPhone app
- diary, specified for LCA first year timetable, what days we have off, when to go out...
- prospectus, the REAL truth
- posters, giving advice

the differences between the North and the South

why does it need delivering:
- students moving from the south may not be aware of these differences
- easier to fit in and make friends at the start
- don't want to fit into a typical southerner stereotype
- avoid any misjudgements or misunderstandings
- different attitudes, mindsets

ways it could be delivered:
- map with a key/symbols, highlighting differences
- lonely planet style travel guide, 'south to north'
- information booklet
- book of northern slang for different situations
- contrasting situational posters

how to eat cheaply as a vegetarian

why it needs addressing:
- food is expensive
- vegetarians sometimes convert back when at uni
- being a vegetarian is limiting
- hard to stay healthy when eating cheap as a veggie
- students are not used to cooking for themselves

ways it could be solved:
- recipe cards
- recipe book cover sleeve (ring-binder to insert own recipes)
- website with recipes geared for students 
- vegetable specific app recipe
- food packaging labels with recipe suggestions

how to get into briefing on time

why it needs addressing:
- fred will kill you
- being on time is important at LCA/as a graphic designer
- briefings are important
- otherwise its embarrassing, makes a bad impression
- poor attendance= off the course

ways it could be solved:
- alarm app sequence/system
- diary or planner to organise time and get 8 hours sleep
- information booklet on methods of getting out of bed (humorous)
- quick routes and shortcuts to college
- book of good excuses for fred and amber

how to pick the right accommodation

why it needs addressing:
- hard to tell what halls are actually like before you live there
- all halls are different
- dont want to end up spending a year in bad halls wishing you were living somewhere else
- its important, you spend a lot of time there
- there's no way of knowing much information beforehand about the social aspects, student reputation... 

ways it could be solved:
- guide to halls
- satyrical prospectus
- facebook pages

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