Thursday, 19 April 2012

What is a Line//design development

these are the final 24 postcards ready for print to be included as the main body of the publication, each one colour coded according to profession to distinguish between the different categories

chat up lines for GRAPHIC DESIGNERS, postcards

chat up lines for a TEACHER

chat up lines for an ENVIRONMENTALIST

chat up lines for NURSES

chat up lines for a WAITRESS

chat up lines for a SCIENTIST

I wanted to include index cards as dividers almost within the publication, to differentiate between each different profession (specified chat-up lines) and as an additional interactive aspect to the book

I used simple symbols to produce a pattern on the back of each title to create more association with the colour and symbol to the profession

 these are the final double sided title pages ready for print

contents page- experimentation

final contents page/introduction pages
also to be used as the front postcard in the book, to be revealed through the book sleeve

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