Wednesday, 3 October 2012

3 Promo Products//crit feedback

Five Questions I want Feedback on:

- do my products work as a series?

- what type of stock would work best for the flyer/poster/badge set?

- does the text/info on products make sense? is it clear what each one is about?

- how could I make the campaign more viral? (when progressing with idea and developing)

- does the question mark symbol work well/stand out as a logo?



clear and legible I understand what the products are advertising

black and white text keeps campaign clear and suggests you are revealing 'truth' in black and white

the flipped S question mark is a strong idea applied well across the range

leaflet could be distributed on a huge scale easily and at a grass roots level

areas for improvement:

stock- black on black because the concept is about hidden truths

white too bright for subject, should be more dark as suggested above

needs a gimic/logo to make you remember the campaign

include an interesting fact/statement that's shocking to capture the audience's attention

not clear what the images show, need more context (show more of the image)

stick to black and white colour palette, use same photo to keep it consistent

the range is not very visually engaging, there needs to be more going on in the background to draw the reader in

masked off images could be clearer


not sure if the badge works, what is this promoting?

question mark looks more like an s, on poster maybe confusing, consider using a different font

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