Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Conspiracy Theories//3 additional products

Design Development

branded bellyband 
to bind the three booklets from the summer brief altogether

for the new task we had to produce x3 pieces of promotional material:

- a non A-format poster
- a creative interpretation of a flyer
- another graphic product

I started off trying to incorporate the three distinctive styles of the three original booklets into one poster but found that it didn't work well compositionally and each image and style was more striking individually

I reflected the 'S' in 'question' to create a question mark as a simple logo to mark the fictional conspiracy campaign to raise awareness on these issues 

Poster Development

Flyer Development

Badge and Label Development

each of the three products contained information on each of the three conspiracy theories that I looked into as opposed to trying to fit all three styles into each graphic product

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