Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Design for Print Seminar//stock

During this morning's design for print seminar, we looked at various different stocks that we had brought in between us and existing prints and publications showing a range of techniques and materials that can be used

this is an example of a piece of print that has three layers of different coloured stock on top of each other to create the coloured strip on the edge which although looks like quite a minor detail in the photo, it adds an extra dimension to the overall look of the print 

this here is an example of where foiling has been used

an example of coated stock

this flyer has been printed on thick, recycled stock and gives the ink a textured look and feel when printed onto it

an example here of printing on newsprint stock which is very thin and flimsy but useful when producing magazines/publications

this publication here has used bookrum for the front cover which is a very cheap material to use but still gives a professional finish to the overall look

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