Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Design for Print//photoshop workshop

an image used in Photoshop will initially be in RGB colour mode- but this is not suitable for print (in CMYK)

image- mode- CMYK color

more 'filter' options available when working in an RGB image over CMYK
RGB files are smaller than CMYK files

RGB is Photoshops default mode- but unprintable colours

view- gamut warning (shows unprintable colours)

image- adjustments- hue/saturation or levels
can use sliders to adjust image

view- proof colours
(in RGB mode but showing printable colours, what image will look like in CMYK)



Swatches in Photoshop

to delete swatches, hold down the alt key and click

D on the keyboard, resets colours to default black and white

click on swatch palette to add colour (current foreground colour)

swatches can be saved in menu option
as well as 'reset swatches' to go back to original colours and 'replace swatches' to select a saved swatch
'save swatches for exhange' when taking a photoshop swatch pallet that needs to be used in another piece of Adobe software

when selecting a colour, make sure it is not out of the CMYK colour gamut

Spot Colours

colour libraries

PANTONE+ Solid Uncoated

simply type colour name
e.g. 2665

when using a grayscale image, may need to adjust levels, brightness/contrast before going into duotone

image- mode- duotone- colour picker- colour libraries

duotone curve

adjusting brightness and contrast of spot colours in image...

drag curve to adjust settings and alter percentages 

for two colours (duotone as opposed to monotone in previous image)

according to colour mode

by selecting several channels at once (cyan and magenta) using the eye icon, the image can be viewed according to how the ink colours have been distributed in the image

use the magic wand tool to select a part of the image and then using the channels menu, drag into 'load channel as selection' 

use black paint brush to edit, deselect aspects of image and white paintbrush to select...

channels menu- new spot channel- colour picker- colours libraries

use X key to switch between background and foreground colours to add or remove colour

can save image as TIFF or photoshop file
(ensure that 'spot colours' option is checked)

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