Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Design For Print//software workshop

designing for industrial/commercial print- things that are going to be mass produced


CMYK- process colours
default setting, used for design for print

RGB- design for screen

grey interfaces are preferable when working on colour in a document

using the swatch panel:

deleting swatches

the 'registration' colour is used for trim marks, crop marks- things that are printed during print process but not used as part of the actual design

select 'create new swatch' from drop down menu to add own colours

instead of creating a swatch before designing, a swatch can be made using the colours already shown on artboard by selecting 'add used colours'

if 'global' is selected on the colour values of a swatch, it creates a link between that swatch and the objects in the same colour within the design/piece 
so if colour values are altered (when global) it will affect the colours on the artboard in the same way

TINTS of swatches can be found when selecting the 'colour' menu and then 'create new swatch' to add to swatches panel

useful when creating MONOCHROME artwork

a colour printed with an ink that isn't made up of cyan, magenta, yellow or black

a pot of ink that is that particular colour...its own ready mixed ink

they can make things look luminous
fluorescent ink, metallic ink etc.

cost effective when using a spot colour- can vary colours using tints but still only goes through the printer once for the one colour (as opposed to using CMYK)

consistency is another reason to use a spot colour- so that the same colour is printed across all areas 
e.g. food packaging (popular worldwide) or corporate logos

how do we use spot colours?
PANTONE reference system- brand of spot colour used in this country
each swatch/spot colour has a unique reference number which is retained for use at commercial printer

on Illustrator
swatches- open swatch library- colour books- PANTONE (solid)
uncoated: matt finish
coated: glossy finish

specific colours can be searched and then click once to add to swatch panel

'save swatch library as AI' allows you to save that specific swatch library and have access to it when using other Illustrator files

it can be retrieved in the swatch menu- open swatch library- user defined

note: if swatch is saved elsewhere, maybe in the same folder as the illustrator/photoshop files, then select other library instead of user defined

swatches can also be saved to a memory stick so that colours can be used on other computers...

(and tints may not appear)

to use Illustrator swatch in another software programme (e.g. inDesign):
save swatch library as ASE 

to use swatch in inDesign:
swatches panel- load swatches- (select from files)

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