Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Web Design Workshop

the starting point for designing our own personal website:

we began writing up all the things we would include in our own websites, limiting ourselves to 4 or 5 pages and then adding what information we would want displayed

quick sketch of homepage layout:

crit feedback:

- large title: names works well
- alignment would make the design more effective
- inventive design, may be hard to pull off
- really bold will really catch the viewers attention
- large title and name means there is no confusion
- good usability with links
- not sure about the angular shapes but depends on what message you're giving out
- nice idea of featured work
- good to show a range of work
- nice layout that could look great in reality
- unsure about wavy circles
- interesting design, different to others- good thing, eye-catching
- featured work area would look strange of fully covered with work, off balance website?
- like having the name as a large title- stands out obvious who it is
- line up page links so it look neater and more structured 

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