Thursday, 29 November 2012

Feel Good Drinks//crit feedback

Concept Pitch Boards:

Concept Pitch Feedback:

Areas for Improvement

- I like the idea of the photographic labels to illustrate the contents of bottle, but maybe it needs to be mixed with illustration in some way to match the style of the feel good drinks company. 

- Maybe expand upon labelling- print based media?

- Keep it simple, one image, one vector etc. don't overcrowd the labels

- The research examples are a great way of showing what could be done, having a different twist on design

Additional Comments

- Great concept, sounds fun, exciting to do. Ideas so far sounds very appealing and believable

- Photography and illustration are the two media that would work well for the design

- Would like to see some test shots and mock up illustrations

- Presentation was very informative, understood the concept and the plan for design

- Good research into bottle designs and audience- understood this well and got to the bottom of it

Action Plan

After we had critted each others work, we went round in turn expanding on the feedback given and suggesting ideas as to how each brief could progress. I found this extremely helpful and used this time as an opportunity to ask questions where I was unsure on aspects of my concept and think about how I could move my work forward.

- incorporate photography with illustrations to fit with style of brand. faces combined with illustration

- include postcards? something to collect, expands on designs, proposal for website

- postcards could make up one big image...incentive to free drink? etc. and even make campaigns to go with it online

- create a character to go with photos, give each drink a personality

- link illustrations with health aspects

- research what drinks go with what type of people

- could make it interactive, user could draw on face, create a competition from it?

- research into specific health aspects of each fruit and what they do
e.g. energise/relax/focus etc.

Mountain Trike//final designs and feedback

We sent off two very different trifold leaflet designs to the client based on the research and feedback from the brief.

Design #1:

Design #2:


The client had already selected a BrandFuel leaflet design previous to Josh and I collaborating on this brief, however, we sent off our final two designs to them anyway and received this feedback:

The alternative designs you sent are exactly the kind of thing that I wanted!  Havent sent it to the rest of the team yet, but I think they are really good and really capture the essence of Mountain Trike!

Mountain Trike, the client, ended up selecting one of our designs (design #2) instead to be printed for their new leaflet over the BrandFuel original designs! It was very exciting to know that our work was favoured over a professional design team and would 
be professionally printed.

We received this email (sent to BrandFuel, Josh and I) from the client once the designs were finalised:

I just wanted to drop a quick note to you and your team to say a massive THANK YOU for all your time, energy and patience (!) that you dedicated to our new Mountain Trike leaflet.

The result is great and we are as I type waiting for the printed version to be delivered which I will, of course, send on some copies to you all.

The team here at Mountain Trike very much appreciate all the work you have done and we are sure this leaflet will help strengthen our brand and be a great marketing tool to use when approaching customers.  We have an exhibition next week - The Motability Roadshow in Peterborough so it will be a great opportunity to launch the new leaflet.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mountain Trike//design development

In terms of working as a collaboration, Josh and I decided it would be best to send off two very contrasting trifold leaflet designs to the BrandFuel studio (in order to be passed onto the client) to give the client a choice between the two. 

Having limited time on this brief, Josh and I discussed our ideas for the two designs in detail; the photographs featured, the fonts, colours, layout and style all derived from our concept boards. We then went ahead designing one leaflet each, whilst continuously chipping in and helping each other out and this was definitely a good, time efficient way of working.

Deciding on which photo to choose for the front cover was important, as it would be the first thing you'd see at the point of distribution. I felt like this image went particularly well with the 'take yourself further' tagline.

the image overall created an appealing, outdoors setting communicating the possibilities and opportunities that the product provides its user and allowing for me to overlay information and other images on the top

the logo, which was specified to be at the top of the front of the leaflet, needed to stand out more, as it was blending in with the colours of the image, so I layered over some white boxes with reduced opacity to enable this

I repeated this aspect of the design to reduce the opacity of the background image and allow for the more important information to stand out

the range of photos was an important aspect of the design, and I ensured that the selection I included gave the user/audience a clear understanding of all that the product has to offer
e.g. it can fit in the boot of a car, can be used on different surfaces etc.
all key features of the product that the client specified in the brief to include and emphasise

once the main bulk of the images had been laid out, I started laying out the text starting with the important information such as contact details, the price and the colour range

the idea/concept that we went for, for this design included the wheel/spoke graphics which received positive feedback after having sent over our concept ideas

I feel like they give the product a more contemporary feel and communicate a gritty outdoors adventure that could be had through the use of this technical and advanced product for disabled users

outside panels, done

inside of the trifold leaflet:

the key information to include on the inside design of the leaflet is the details of the product, showing an annotating diagram of all the features of the mountain trike, in a clear and legible way

I brought the Mountain Trike green back into the diagram here, repeating the circle theme and using it to highlight all the different aspects of the product mentioned

the captions and quotes that we were given in the brief to include into the design, continued on the inside design also, maintaining consistency with the other side of the leaflet and again using relevant images that show the extent of the products capabilities

the linear graphics used on the other side also carried on over to the inside feature, using the zig-zag lines going off the page to communicate the fact that the product will take you anywhere, and the possibilities really are endless

other information we felt important to include was also the reviews and quotes from other users and featuring the logo once again to reiterate the brand

Design for Web//web page mock-up development

 After having received feedback from my Chemtrails website mock-up for the homepage, I made a few adjustments and then progressed onto designing mock-ups for the remaining five pages of the website: information, gallery, experts, forum and FAQs

This is the design development of these pages 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Feel Good Drinks//re-written brief


Re-design the labels for the Feel Good Drinks bottles, focussing on the still and sparkling juice ranges, however the designs need to also be versatile and potentially be translated to the other ranges. The design needs to communicate that Feel Good Drinks are healthy, with no added sugar and 100% natural ingredients, as well as making people smile and feel good. Think about how other leading and competing healthy drink brands such as Innocent, Firefly and Mangajo have evolved in the way they've branded themselves and how Feel Good Drinks can go beyond that and really stand out on the shelf. The design should be fresh, cheeky, informative and creative. 

Consider keeping the design style simple and light-hearted, in accordance with the Feel Good Drinks Company brand values and tone of voice. The final submission should demonstrate an ability to challenge and go beyond conventional packaging design with an understanding of what the consumer is looking for in a healthy drink as well as how they engage with the product itself and how it makes them feel. How can a simple bottle label design make someone smile and feel good?


Target Audience:
16-34 year old adults who are happy to pay a little bit more for a healthy, tasty soft drink that isn’t full of junk.They are an up-beat, look-on-the-brightside, sociable bunch, who like to work hard but always find time for some feel good fun and games.
Tone of Voice:
Positive mental attitude. The message should always be friendly, fun, and just a little bit cheeky. It’s about talking to people on their level, making a connection and making them smile.


the label design should include:
- the Feel Good Drinks logo
- the Feel Good Drinks typeface

evidence research into:
- existing competing drinks brands and various campaigns
- current competing label designs on the shelf
- the brand values and ethos of the Feel Good Drinks company
- what makes people feel good

The label design should demonstrate an understanding of the target audience, context, functions and uses of the product and brand.


- label design that can stretch across the still and sparkling Feel Good Drinks range
- presentation boards demonstrating the research, design process, ideas generation and design development
- submissions must be in English
All entries must be submitted via the YCN digital uploader
- The zipped entry file must be a maximum of 50MB


The deadline for submitting work is 6pm on Thursday 14th March 2013

Design for Web//crit feedback



- design suits the theme and content
- navigation on homepage is easy to understand and follow
- interesting logo which fits with the content

Areas for Improvement:

- design could come across as a virus?
- would have been helpful to see the designs for the other pages and site map to see how the user would navigate through the website


- how would the navigation work on the other pages?
- we like the idea of it looking like a virus but will this affect the traffic to the website and put people off going further than the homepage?

Action Plan:

- mock-up rest of the pages of the website e.g. gallery, info page help me work out the look, layout and content of the website before the Dreamweaver stage
- basic layout and setup of website on Dreamweaver
- collect rest of content and images for the gallery
- add 'the conspiracy theory' as a sub-heading on the homepage so that the users do not get put off by skull and cross bones and think the website is a virus

Design For Web//development

wire frame, specifications and measurements for homepage

The purpose of my website is to INFORM in an unbiased way, showing all aspects of the conspiracy theory Chemtrails, allowing the user to make up their own minds about it.
I want the layout to be simple, to contrast against the existing chemtrails websites online, and allow for easy navigation around the 5 categorised pages of information.

mock-up development
experimenting with different colours and background photos to see what looks best overall

wasn't so keen on the original photo so I decided to change the background to another image used in my original booklet from the history of summer brief. 
This, I feel worked a lot better compositionally and communicated the content of the website to the users in a more obvious way, the previous photo was too ambiguous and could've created confusion as to what the website is actually about.

final scamp mock-up for the homepage

In terms of the different web pages, I've included:

- information
for the general info on the theory, what it is, for those who don't know etc.

- gallery
an image gallery which shares photos of 'chemtrails' from different members of the public from around the world

- experts
the scientific, factual viewpoint, where statistics and summarised information is contained regarding one side of the argument/theory

- forum
where users can post their own opinions and share with others
this is a feature that appears on most of the conspiracy theory websites, and is usually a main part of the website itself, and so an important page to include in my website

allows for the more common asked questions for any additional information and research the user might want to read about