Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Crit Feedback//design for web

Before the crit I compiled five questions in order to get the most out of my feedback and drive the comments towards an output most suitable to my work so far and where I'm at with this brief


1. Would the website be more effective if I just focussed on one conspiracy theory? Or all three?

2. Should I keep the question mark logo in the website to give it some sort of identity or does it look better without?

3. Is there any additional information that I should include on the homepage that the user might like to see?

4. Does the layout have more impact as a simple design (scamp 1/3) or more full-on? (scamp 2)

5. Which conspiracy theory topic is most interesting/engaging if I was to focus on one theory?



- skeleton/skull and cross bones a more powerful strong logo than the question mark
- keep it simple, no more information on the homepage

- for the homepage, scamp 1 works very well, simple, can fit into any format/size
- more interesting to focus on all three, they can be compared and contrasted
- the question mark will work as long as you keep the photo slides 
- scamp 1 has the most impact, more universal and simple
- scamp 2 has a strong use of types, bold and captures attention

Areas for Improvement

- scamp 3 looking well laid out, should focus on one so design isn't compromised, information box could have a drop down box including 'experts and FAQs'

- within scamp 1, the question mark looks good in the sentence but weird when it's at a larger scale and in the middle of the page
- scamp 3 looks less like a homepage and more like a landing page


- where will the body copy open into? will it be one long thin bar or open into a wider template under the logo

- scamp 3; should focus on all three not one
- scamp 1; could have additional information like a statement or two explaining the purpose of the website
- in answer to question 5, focus on all three in order to compare and contrast 

Overall, with my feedback, I'm slightly frustrated that the two different sets of feedback I received from my peers, state completely contrasting ideas and comments which disagree with each other. However, there are aspects I can take from both points of views and use them constructively and it has helped me make a decision in terms of which scamp I want to go forward with and construct into a website.
Weirdly enough, scamp 3 which is the one I was least happy with when drawing out the designs, is now the design I've decided use for my website. I think the simplicity of the layout is more appropriate for my first time in building a website and it also stands out, keeping the content more straightforward by just focussing on my favourite conspiracy theory instead of trying to create an identity for all three and making it work.

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