Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Design for Print//Interim Crit

to ensure I get the best possible feedback for my work so far on the Print manual brief I wrote out five questions that I wanted to find out the answer to during the crit:


1. I want my content to be printed on thin stock but what kind of stock would be appropriate for the front cover?

2. What would be the best binding method for the publication? Bearing in mind it will be A5 in size and thin

3. I want the 6 chapters to be colour coded, but other than CMYK/RGB, what kind of colour scheme would be suitable for the content?

4. Would the inclusion of contact information at the back of the book be useful for the audience (graphic designers and students...)

5. Is the layout of the chapters/pages relevant for easy reference? Is there anything else I could add?



- Colour coordination is really helpful. It makes it easier to navigate/find information. It's a good way to categorise the content
- It's a good idea to add printer contacts to the manual- it will be useful

- Colour identification with tints looks visually pleasing and interesting- also is practical as there is an identification for chapters
- gradient of colour, PMS chart- focus on the main gradient and decrease with page etc. 

Areas for Improvement

- Though you need to consider (printer contact wise) whether it's going to be local or international. I guess if you focus on the audience that you aim for, you'll get the answer
- Might want to re-consider the ordering of the content

- Create more visuals and layout ideas for the book, to give more of an insight in direction
- Work out page layout/order, will be complicated but will overall look effective and be visual


- Probably a thicker stock would be more appropriate for the cover. Of course it depends on your design and what is most appropriate for it
- Look into hand stitching because that is appropriate for thin stock. Can't be more specific because it's not a decision we can make. Whatever is appropriate for your stock and design idea

- Card thickness would be appropriate for the front cover- will be strong enough to hold the inside sheets and thin enough to not make the overall design to bulky
- Saddle stitch would be simple- enough detail on the page/ colour format
- The use of having the info at the back of the book is effective and useful for students- maybe only make it 1 or 2 pages though
- Layout is good for individual reference- effective in communicating each chapter easily and effectively 


- gaps in research include; use of stock//commercial costings//embossing & debossing//die-cutting//lamination

these need to be researched and blogged to ensure that print manual has a completed set of relevant information and no gaps

- need to look into different binding methods to find out what would be the most appropriate for my manual

- research more visual imagery to inform layout ideas and colour schemes for the manual

- think about the ordering of my content so it functions and makes sense for the user

- draw up different layout ideas for the content and how the chapters and pages would be designed- keeping the layout consistent throughout the manual

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