Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Design for Web//crit feedback



- design suits the theme and content
- navigation on homepage is easy to understand and follow
- interesting logo which fits with the content

Areas for Improvement:

- design could come across as a virus?
- would have been helpful to see the designs for the other pages and site map to see how the user would navigate through the website


- how would the navigation work on the other pages?
- we like the idea of it looking like a virus but will this affect the traffic to the website and put people off going further than the homepage?

Action Plan:

- mock-up rest of the pages of the website e.g. gallery, info page etc.to help me work out the look, layout and content of the website before the Dreamweaver stage
- basic layout and setup of website on Dreamweaver
- collect rest of content and images for the gallery
- add 'the conspiracy theory' as a sub-heading on the homepage so that the users do not get put off by skull and cross bones and think the website is a virus

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