Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Design For Web//development

wire frame, specifications and measurements for homepage

The purpose of my website is to INFORM in an unbiased way, showing all aspects of the conspiracy theory Chemtrails, allowing the user to make up their own minds about it.
I want the layout to be simple, to contrast against the existing chemtrails websites online, and allow for easy navigation around the 5 categorised pages of information.

mock-up development
experimenting with different colours and background photos to see what looks best overall

wasn't so keen on the original photo so I decided to change the background to another image used in my original booklet from the history of summer brief. 
This, I feel worked a lot better compositionally and communicated the content of the website to the users in a more obvious way, the previous photo was too ambiguous and could've created confusion as to what the website is actually about.

final scamp mock-up for the homepage

In terms of the different web pages, I've included:

- information
for the general info on the theory, what it is, for those who don't know etc.

- gallery
an image gallery which shares photos of 'chemtrails' from different members of the public from around the world

- experts
the scientific, factual viewpoint, where statistics and summarised information is contained regarding one side of the argument/theory

- forum
where users can post their own opinions and share with others
this is a feature that appears on most of the conspiracy theory websites, and is usually a main part of the website itself, and so an important page to include in my website

allows for the more common asked questions for any additional information and research the user might want to read about

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