Sunday, 4 November 2012

Design for Web//three scamps

this first scamp here utilises the logo/branding idea I had as a way of trying to tie all three, very differently represented, conspiracy theories altogether. I've used a simple layout with the three buttons at the top to navigate to the different conspiracies with an interchanging question mark stamp in the middle

my second scamp is quite busy in terms of composition and layout, with heavy text and image dominating the homepage and trying to maintain a consist style across the three conspiracy theories. my idea for this scamp was that when one of the sections is clicked on, the other two fade out and information is overlayed on the top about that particular selected theory

this third scamp concentrates on displaying information for just one conspiracy theory; chemtrails which was my favourite to learn about and research as well as designing for over the summer. this layout is simple but can contain more detailed information about ONE topic and maintain a consistent style throughout

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