Thursday, 29 November 2012

Feel Good Drinks//crit feedback

Concept Pitch Boards:

Concept Pitch Feedback:

Areas for Improvement

- I like the idea of the photographic labels to illustrate the contents of bottle, but maybe it needs to be mixed with illustration in some way to match the style of the feel good drinks company. 

- Maybe expand upon labelling- print based media?

- Keep it simple, one image, one vector etc. don't overcrowd the labels

- The research examples are a great way of showing what could be done, having a different twist on design

Additional Comments

- Great concept, sounds fun, exciting to do. Ideas so far sounds very appealing and believable

- Photography and illustration are the two media that would work well for the design

- Would like to see some test shots and mock up illustrations

- Presentation was very informative, understood the concept and the plan for design

- Good research into bottle designs and audience- understood this well and got to the bottom of it

Action Plan

After we had critted each others work, we went round in turn expanding on the feedback given and suggesting ideas as to how each brief could progress. I found this extremely helpful and used this time as an opportunity to ask questions where I was unsure on aspects of my concept and think about how I could move my work forward.

- incorporate photography with illustrations to fit with style of brand. faces combined with illustration

- include postcards? something to collect, expands on designs, proposal for website

- postcards could make up one big image...incentive to free drink? etc. and even make campaigns to go with it online

- create a character to go with photos, give each drink a personality

- link illustrations with health aspects

- research what drinks go with what type of people

- could make it interactive, user could draw on face, create a competition from it?

- research into specific health aspects of each fruit and what they do
e.g. energise/relax/focus etc.

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