Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mountain Trike//design development

In terms of working as a collaboration, Josh and I decided it would be best to send off two very contrasting trifold leaflet designs to the BrandFuel studio (in order to be passed onto the client) to give the client a choice between the two. 

Having limited time on this brief, Josh and I discussed our ideas for the two designs in detail; the photographs featured, the fonts, colours, layout and style all derived from our concept boards. We then went ahead designing one leaflet each, whilst continuously chipping in and helping each other out and this was definitely a good, time efficient way of working.

Deciding on which photo to choose for the front cover was important, as it would be the first thing you'd see at the point of distribution. I felt like this image went particularly well with the 'take yourself further' tagline.

the image overall created an appealing, outdoors setting communicating the possibilities and opportunities that the product provides its user and allowing for me to overlay information and other images on the top

the logo, which was specified to be at the top of the front of the leaflet, needed to stand out more, as it was blending in with the colours of the image, so I layered over some white boxes with reduced opacity to enable this

I repeated this aspect of the design to reduce the opacity of the background image and allow for the more important information to stand out

the range of photos was an important aspect of the design, and I ensured that the selection I included gave the user/audience a clear understanding of all that the product has to offer
e.g. it can fit in the boot of a car, can be used on different surfaces etc.
all key features of the product that the client specified in the brief to include and emphasise

once the main bulk of the images had been laid out, I started laying out the text starting with the important information such as contact details, the price and the colour range

the idea/concept that we went for, for this design included the wheel/spoke graphics which received positive feedback after having sent over our concept ideas

I feel like they give the product a more contemporary feel and communicate a gritty outdoors adventure that could be had through the use of this technical and advanced product for disabled users

outside panels, done

inside of the trifold leaflet:

the key information to include on the inside design of the leaflet is the details of the product, showing an annotating diagram of all the features of the mountain trike, in a clear and legible way

I brought the Mountain Trike green back into the diagram here, repeating the circle theme and using it to highlight all the different aspects of the product mentioned

the captions and quotes that we were given in the brief to include into the design, continued on the inside design also, maintaining consistency with the other side of the leaflet and again using relevant images that show the extent of the products capabilities

the linear graphics used on the other side also carried on over to the inside feature, using the zig-zag lines going off the page to communicate the fact that the product will take you anywhere, and the possibilities really are endless

other information we felt important to include was also the reviews and quotes from other users and featuring the logo once again to reiterate the brand

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