Friday, 16 November 2012

Mountain Trike//existing designs

As we're designing a leaflet for Mountain Trike, it's important to see the current design, why they want it re-designed and where we could improve on in order to satisfy 
the client.

Given that the design of the existing leaflet is not aesthetically pleasing in anyway and the composition and layout of the design is all over the place, I can already see a lot of aspects that could be improved.

The creative team at BrandFuel had also sent Mountain Trike their own designs of the leaflet, but were keen to pass the brief onto Josh and I to give the client a range of designs to select from.

These are the designs from BrandFuel for the new leaflet:



Having seen an interpretation of the brief from a professional creative team, and their own designs, this sets the standards for Josh and I and gives us an idea of where we can take our own designs and how we can improve on BrandFuel's designs for the leaflet.

I was emailed the client feedback that BrandFuel received after having sent over these designs, which worked in our advantage, giving us guidelines and ideas on what not to do and what the client specifically want to see when designing our own leaflets.

Client Feedback for BrandFuel:

Feedback to v4:
- Beliefs highlighted at headers of pages are good
- More variety of different people in the photos needed. Far too many photos feature our Commercial director Ed, despite being a handsome chap, we need more of genuine wheelchair users from the folders.
- More pictures and a few short quotes in the centre fold from our customers (these can be found on our current leaflet) and people who've tried the Trike
- Family shots, parent and child etc to show range of users and uses.
- The 'history' text ie about Tim we can loose if it helps in terms of space
- More colour, less white background
- web address on front page and rendered green logo instead of black version
- CAD drawings of trike will be too small to read dimensions off and don't add value. A large product shot would be better for the features/benefits
- the shot of the trike in the boot of the car is really useful to have to show people when discussing the Trike at exhibitions
- info on price doesn't need to take up 2/3 of a page, again if space is an issue
- little mountain symbol is nice though I think using the trademarked mountain trike 'M' logo instead would help get the logo recognised maybe?

Feedback to v6
Front reveal
*  Front image - not good as its Tim is wearing a crash helmet.  Not the image we want to give.  Revert back to original one of Ed on pebbles please
*  Too many different fonts happening on the leaflet overall - on front cover needs to be lighter font and maybe a little smaller.  Copy should read 'a life of freedom not 'with'
*  Font on imagery we like - gives it movement - can we add little captions to the inside lifestyle images too?
*  Blocking of text ie on the front and telephone details etc - really do not like - needs addressing
*  Logo on the front needs to be solid colour and bigger
*  I think the white blocking at the top with our 'We believe' copy is detracting from the main point of leaflet so I would suggest that we remove this copy and the white border as it seems to serve no purpose then the imagery can be full bleed.  On the front cover - may need some kind of space to ensure that logo stands out - will leave this with you
* In terms of images - front cover of Ed, replace the Ed beach on the three images with the snow image.  Back reveal - see if there is a better one of Steve and his son on his bike as he looks a little awkward, maybe replace the three chairs image with the guy in the playground with his son?
* on insert pic can they have rounded edges - bit less harsh?  See how it looks in the design
*copy on middle panel - take off (VAT-free) and please can you add 'For technical issues please call Tim 07816955945

Back Reveal
*  Arrows pointing to various areas of Trike should now cross over main image or cross with each other please address
* Website address needs to be added somewhere
* white blocking and 'we believe copy to be removed
* rounded edges on insert pics?
* spacing on arrow copy - some too close to hero pic
* take off line above colour palette image 'available in .....'
* see note re:images as above

Overall look needs some consistency of colours used for backgrounds etc to fit our branding. Not too keen on the swamp green background under the pricing and centrefold needs a nicer shade of green.
Captions for images will depend on final images so could you just pop in anything for now so we can see visually what it would look like and then I will supply once all images confirmed.  Some options could be:

*  Family Trips out
*  A walk in the woods
* In the park

We like the 'We believe... on the front cover but not sure how much it adds on the other sections - certainly don't want it to influence too much on design ie placed in large white border - maybe there is a cleverer way of showing it without it taking over....

Definately can't put intro copy over image of trike as this is the 'hero' shot and shows all the key features and benefits of the Trike and we like the clean look.  Maybe once the white top boarder issue is addressed there may be more room.  Quite liked the colour blocking inside reveal, on concept 2 which contained the intro copy so maybe this is an option?

In terms of corporate colours - no we don't have any other colours apart from the green and grey - just whatever colours are used just need to be complimentary to these.

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