Thursday, 15 November 2012

Mountain Trike//live brief

Following on from work experience in the summer with the design team at BrandFuel, Josh Douglas and I were given the opportunity to work on a live brief for Mountain Trike. 

The Brief:

Client: Mountain Trike
Contact: Lucy Hill
Job: Mountain Trike Consumer Leaflet

Job Description
A leaflet for Mountain Trike, the all-terrain wheelchair, suitable for  all end user groups.

Mountain Trike is a revolutionary all-terrain wheelchair, providing users with the opportunity to access places they couldnt previously go.
Mountain Trike’s design means that surfaces that are unsuitable for standard wheelchairs such as sand, gravel, mud and snow can be tackled with ease and independence.
This is a life-changing experience, pushing back the boundaries wheelchair users currently face and providing them with many benefits, in particular independence, dignity and a liberating sense of freedom.

Target audience
All standard wheelchair users, newly or long-term disabled.  
All ages, M & F.
Appeals to a wide spectrum of ambition, from wanting to be able to tackle the kerbs on the high street to wanting to attack muddy, rutted tracks on mountain trails.  Communications need to make users aware of the potential without polarising 
the message.
However, looking good and turning heads in a positive way is important to all groups, particularly the young, the ex-military, disabled sportsmen and a sense of ‘cool kit’ should come across in the design.

Desired Outcome
Leaflet needs to stimulate audience to get in touch for more information / book a demo / place an order 
Secondary outcome: visit web site

Previous activity
Existing leaflet looks dated and client seeks improved design quality.  
Current web site provides extensive additional information.

For flexibility and economy, a 6pp A4 gatefold is envisaged.
Full colour

Contact Details:
Lucy Hill
Marketing Manager
T: 07969 097152

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