Monday, 19 November 2012

Print Manual//design development

the colour scheme was originally going to be taken from the standard colours seen in file dividers, to communicate the idea of easy referencing and navigation throughout my manual. However, when I actually looked at the colour swatch, I didn't like the colours as much; they were pastels and because of this, wouldn't stand out enough and couldn't be used for the text. I ended up taking shades of each of the colours which gave me a darker, duller colour scheme which would be more appropriate for the manual in terms of being able to read the body text and titles clearly

I then applied my colour scheme to each of my chapter double page spread headings, adding a gradient to differentiate the chapter titles from the content

when designing my print manual, I started off by working out where all the chapters would be placed and then inserted all the headings and content using a grid. Once the text was all in place, I then went through the publication, adding images where relevant, to illustrate my information

When placing visual content into my publication, I added tints of the chapter colour to the imagery in order to distinguish between chapters and improve navigation 
for the user.
I feel this worked quite well in terms of its function and also the general 
aesthetic of the manual

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