Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Print Manual//final crit feedback



- format is very good, like how it separates everything and the size is suitable, easy to carry and portable
- good use of colours for navigation, benefit the users
- interesting use of colours and photography; how they match and complement well

- inventive format, will look really good when printed
- colour coding will make it really easy to read through booklet
- tint on photographs corresponds to page colour
- simple but effective grid, constant throughout work
- body copy is readable, good choice of typeface

Areas for Improvement

- the use of typefaces, some of them are not consistent and there seem to be a couple of different typefaces

- could illustrate the diagrams so that they have a consistent style
- large spacing between headings
- unsure about 'swirly' typeface


- consider your target audience, think about the use of your typeface

- would be good if the colours went in order of the spectrum, why have you chosen these colours?

Action Plan

- adjust spacing between title lines

- go through body copy: proof read, spell check, widows check and capital letters
(make sure all punctuation and grammar is correct)

- chapter heading typeface used needs to be changed to something else used within content, maybe a sans serif font such as Quaver Sans?

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