Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Design for Print&Web//the brief


‘The many great gardens of the world, of literature and poetry, of painting and music, of religion and architecture, all make the point as clear as possible: the soul cannot thrive in the absence of a garden. If you don’t want paradise, you are not human; and if you are not human, you don’t have a soul.’ Thomas Moore

Some see gardening as a metaphor for life. Whether it is a plant or two on a window sill in an urban apartment, a vegetable plot in a suburban garden, the yard of an American home, the ornate gardens of the Château de Versailles, the botanical gardens of Kew or the Zen-inspired gardens of Japan, the constant in all gardens is the presence of plants.

The Brief
We want you to consider plants in the broadest possible ways – their form, colour, size, texture, smell, taste, feel, associations, personalities, uses reputations, botanical names – and develop an eye-catching and informative outcome that interprets and celebrates plants and the concept of the garden and its role in our lives.

Use print, screen, combined media – the choice is yours – as long as it has a solid idea, informs and shows your typographic skills. Remember that words and language are our collateral and that your submission should be essentially typographic.

Target Market
Define your market, and how you will target it, in your Strategy.

• Research and Development • Strategy • Specifications/Grid(s) • Dummy/Prototype(s)
• Presentation

Cross-reference this project brief with the ‘Assessment Criteria’ sheet.
Submissions will only be accepted in one robust portfolio no larger than a2.

5 Problems that I want to solve:

  • how can gardening be viewed as a metaphor for life/as a 'concept'?
  • how do different gardens reflect aspects of owners/visitors personality?
  • what are the different ways in which plants can be perceived?
  • how can plants be communicated through typography?
  • in what ways can plants be 'celebrated'?

5 Reasons why I want to solve them:

  • I want to communicate the importance of the garden as well as how it reflects out lifestyle
  • to see the range and variety of different gardens of the world and what it says about that person/user/region etc.
  • to explore all aspects of individual plants in detail and how each can be differentiated and reflect a personality/identity
  • because the brief specifies 'essentially typographic' resolutions
  • so that I can focus the solution on the reasons and ways we can celebrate plants to generate excitement and an original take on plants

5 Facts about the content:

  • plants can be used medicinally- they have healing properties
  • garden layouts and styles vary in different areas/countries around the world (containing different plants for different climates)
  • all plants are different- in terms of structure, uses, aesthetic, texture, smell, taste etc. they all have their own characteristics/personality
  • plants generally promote peace and well-being
  • plants play an essential role in maintaining eco-balance within the natural world
  • plants release oxygen into the atmosphere

5 Things I don't know (that I need to know):

  • what the main list of benefits of plants are
  • how can plants affect our mood/well-being
  • what are the different plant families and how are they categorised?
  • what is the range of different types of gardens in the world?
  • the specific healing properties of plants and how and where they're used

5 Facts about my audience:

  • they have an appreciation for the natural world
  • they have an interest in gardening and looking after plants
  • they spend their spare time in the garden
  • they already will have have some level of basic knowledge about plants
  • they enjoy nurturing plants

5 Ideas I need to communicate through this brief:

  • how the garden is connected with the 'soul'
  • how gardening is a metaphor for life
  • the differences between plants and plant families
  • the useful properties of plants and how they can be beneficial
  • 'what does your garden say about you?'
  • useful roles of plants in everyday life
  • that plants should be celebrates

5 End products:

  • plant information labels/plant family specific? e.g. plants with healing properties.../could include a QR code that links to further, more detailed information on that specific plant
  • packaging for plant seeds/herb garden, garden from scratch.../with informative website (url on packets)
  • way finding design for Kew Gardens (or somewhere similar) for a specific event?/a celebration of...tropical plants etc./with website for event and further information
  • an app design that allows users to scan/photograph an image of a plant (+additional details) and then provides information on found plant (a sort of Shazam for plants...)
  • plant personalities info book- creating personalities for gardens (depending on characteristics of user and what plants would be appropriate)

5 Points of Distribution:

  • at a plant exhibition/event at Kew Gardens (or somewhere similar)
  • plant shops...homebase? for packaged products/labels idea
  • online. website featured on a more mainstream, plant-related website
  • bookshop, lifestyle section? (depending on content of book)
  • National Trust areas, cafes, gift shops etc. (for free info flyer/booklet)

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